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The baptism of infants is completed in early childhood by confirmation and first communion. 

This normally takes place at about the age of seven or eight when the child reaches what is called the ‘age of discretion’. The sacrament of confirmation seals the baptised person with the special gift of the Holy Spirit so that they can be led to the table of the Eucharist where they begin to receive holy communion.

This is the sacrament of complete unity with the Body of Christ, sacramental and ecclesial. Confirmation is ministered by one of the bishops as a sign that our Christian initiation links us not just to the local community of the parish but to the Church of all times and places.

The sacramental policy of the Archdiocese of Brisbane has established a cooperative process involving parish, family, and school in which confirmation and communion are celebrated together. For a copy of the diocesan policy, see

In the Kingaroy Nanango Catholic Parishes, confirmation and first communion are usually celebrated around the feast of Pentecost at the end of the Easter season. Sacramental preparation involves parish, family and school support of the child. Usually, the child will be in grade 4. 

The Easter season of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the release of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost provide a most suitable context for understanding these sacraments. The time of preparation begins with a parents’ session for reflection and information and a rite of enrolment for the children at Sunday Mass.

To inquire about confirmation and first communion or to register for sacramental preparation, parishioners are invited to contact the parish office

For background information, please click here to access the Archdiocese of Brisbane website

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Our Parish Sacramental Co-ordinator is Pam Radcliffe.  Confirmations for 2018 will be held at 10.00am on June 24th at Saint Mary’s Church.  Information for this will be sent out in early 2018 for enrolment.  If you wish to enrol your child for confirmation please contact the Parish Office.