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Celebrating baptism is a joy not only for the child’s parents and siblings but for the whole parish. Baptism makes a person a member of God’s family, the Church and sets them on the path of following Christ.  Normally people are baptised in the parish where they live.

 At Kingaroy Nanango Catholic Parishes, at your baptism preparation class, the date and Church for the baptism will be organized with the Parish Priest.

 Parents are requried to take part in a baptism preparation session. This is an opportunity to meet the families who will be celebrating the baptism together over the following Sunday’s, to prepare the liturgy, and to reflect on the responsibilities it entails. These sessions are held on the First Wednesday of the month at 10.30 am or at 6.00 pm on the third Wednesday of the month at the Parish Office in Kingaroy.

Christian parents are assisted in their religious duties by one or more godparents. At least one godparent must be a confirmed Catholic and all godparents must be baptised Christians.

To arrange a baptism, parishioners are invited to contact the parish office. 


For background information, please click here to access the Archdiocese of Brisbane website

Video Credit: Archdiocese of Brisbane